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  • 08 Oct, 2017
Purchasing a new home is an exciting time. Whether it's a new build or an older home, no doubt you'll be keen to add your own personal aesthetic to it. So before you get stuck in, check out our top tips for instantly adding your own personality to a new home. 

Assess your style

First things first... start with a plan. It's a good idea to come up with a vision for your entire home, rather than just one room. Create a mood board, or Pinterest account and play around with colours and textures to get a feel for what you like. Add photographs, fabric swatches and paint charts and build up a picture of your view for your home. Although you probably won't complete it all at once, it's a good idea to have an overall vision in your mind.
Get painting  

White or beige walls not your thing? The easiest way to add personality to a new home is by painting or wallpapering. Painting is the easiest (and most cost effective way) to instantly change the mood of a room. Plus, it isn't too time consuming. And you can get creative with colour if it lends itself well to your taste. Feature walls created with wallpaper or a contrasting colour of paint are a popular choice.

In with the old

It's easy to think that when moving into a new home, everything should be new. And although not all your old furniture will fit the style of your new house, there are sure to be some pieces which will be right at home. A new build home filled with brand new furniture can lack character and personality so if you already own pieces you love, find a way to incorporate them. After all, pieces with history will make a house a home.
Cover your windows  

When you move into a new home, no doubt you'll want to add privacy with curtains or blinds. But while initially this is a necessity, don't neglect the importance of style. Whether you choose curtains or blinds, ensure these compliment the vision you have for your home.

Get creative with art  

Probably the easiest way to add your own personality to a new home, is with the addition of art. Hanging prints, photos or paintings will instantly bring life to a room and effortlessly tie it all together. Before you purchase, spend some time thinking about not only the style you like but where they will feature in each room. Duo prints are the interior design trend of the moment and are a great way to add symmetry to a room.
Add texture with rugs  

Whether you've purchased a new home with its neutral coloured carpets, or an older house with flooring that needs replaced, rugs are a quick fix to instantly add style and also serve as the perfect distraction. Add colour, texture or patterns to your space, giving it a new lease of life, adding oodles of your personality in the process.

Incorporate plants  

It might seem like the trend of the moment, but plants in the home serve a purpose. Add lashings of life with gorgeous greenery and don't hold back. If you don't fall into the category of green-fingered, fake it with faux plants, which are often every bit as good.

If you've just moved into a new home and you'd like the help of an interior designer to bring it to life, get in touch here  today.

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by Aideen McCanny 12 Dec, 2017
Check out our Christmas gift ideas for home decor interior design Northern Ireland fans!

We can't believe that we're midway through December already. In fact, Christmas is but a week away! If you haven't yet started your Christmas shopping, we're willing to bet you've been thinking about it. 

When it comes to shopping for our nearest and dearest, no doubt you'll want to give them a gift that they love. The easiest way to do this, is by presenting them with a gift that matches their interests.

So today's blog is dedicated to helping you find a gift for interior design Northern Ireland fans. Accessories for the home can be enjoyed for years to come. If you fancy giving someone a gift that keeps on giving, check out a few of our favourite home accessories, which can be picked up in-store or online from the mentioned retailers below.
by Aideen McCanny 21 Nov, 2017
As November draws to a close, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. If you're preparing to deck the halls, check out our top tips for Christmas tree decorating, for a look that wows this festive season.

Location, location, location

First things first, location is key. Finding the perfect spot to showcase your tree is the first step in ensuring it looks its best. Find a location that's near a socket to avoid leads and wires cluttering your floor and rearrange furniture if necessary. If you've opted for a real tree, choose a cool corner, away from sources of heat to avoid it drying out.

by Aideen McCanny 07 Nov, 2017

With so many people aiming to revitalise their homes in time for Christmas, here at Home and Contract Design, November and December are our busiest months. Whether you’re considering revamping a room’s soft furnishings for the arrival of guests, or taking on an entire room refurbishment, now is the time to tackle it or risk being held up due to delayed deliveries and the holiday period.

So with this in mind, here are our top tips for ensuring your home’s décor is ready in time for Christmas.

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