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The full interior design service with Home and Contract Design includes an informal consultation to discuss your requirements, drawing and design, securing planning permission, overseeing building control, and liaising with all suppliers and tradesmen throughout the installation and build. All you have to do is sit back and relax.


Home and Contract Design have not only built a fantastic reputation for interior design, Belfast & the whole of Northern Ireland, we have also created sumptuous, inspiring interior design projects in London, Spain, America and The Isle of Man. Wherever you are, contact us today to discuss your requirements and ideas.


With over 25 years in the business as an interior designer in Northern Ireland and further afield, Pam provides a truly first class service. Using our regular team of professional tradesmen and suppliers means we can give you the unique results you want at a competitive price. We offer classic, traditional and contemporary interior design for a range of budgets. 

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by Aideen McCanny 21 Nov, 2017
As November draws to a close, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. If you're preparing to deck the halls, check out our top tips for Christmas tree decorating, for a look that wows this festive season.

Location, location, location

First things first, location is key. Finding the perfect spot to showcase your tree is the first step in ensuring it looks its best. Find a location that's near a socket to avoid leads and wires cluttering your floor and rearrange furniture if necessary. If you've opted for a real tree, choose a cool corner, away from sources of heat to avoid it drying out.

by Aideen McCanny 07 Nov, 2017

With so many people aiming to revitalise their homes in time for Christmas, here at Home and Contract Design, November and December are our busiest months. Whether you’re considering revamping a room’s soft furnishings for the arrival of guests, or taking on an entire room refurbishment, now is the time to tackle it or risk being held up due to delayed deliveries and the holiday period.

So with this in mind, here are our top tips for ensuring your home’s décor is ready in time for Christmas.

by Aideen McCanny 24 Oct, 2017
Whether it's simply a fad, or here to stay, you can't argue that hygge isn't having a serious impact in the world of interior design . So what exactly is it and why is there such hype about it?

Well, the Danish word can't actually be translated into English as it's more of a feeling, rather than an object. Hygge - pronounced hue-gah - represents a culture of cosiness, happiness and wellbeing, which is widely credited as the reason why Denmark is regularly voted one of the happiest countries in the world!

Hygge means something different to everyone - whether it's cuddling up on the sofa with a good book, enjoying a bowl of your favourite warming comfort food, or filling your home with twinkling candles - it's really all about being mindful of the simple things in life that make you happy, and embracing them.

The interior design of your home can have a big impact on this so with this in mind, we've put together our 6 hygge tips to transform your home into a comfortable haven.

1. Stock up on candles

Believed to be the number one way to get the hygge look, we're not surprised! The first thing that comes to mind when creating a cosy setting is setting the perfect lighting and candles are the best way to achieve this. Whether scented or unscented, embrace the warming glow of candlelight throughout your home. And their use shouldn't be confined to solely nighttime either. Danes purchase more candles than anywhere else in Europe, with one third admitting they light candles all day.

2. Create texture

When you think about creating a cosy atmosphere, notions of soft textures which add dimension instantly spring to mind. If you want to hygge your home, stock up on chunky knit cushions, faux fur throws and fluffy rugs, guaranteed to add lashings of texture. For extra comfort, choose the softest of materials, such as merino wool and cashmere for a touch of luxe.

3. Don't go overboard

You don't have to completely redesign your entire home to create a hygge atmosphere. It might just be creating a little nook you can call your own, or adding more of what you love. Remember, hygge is a feeling, so it isn't just focused on physical items. It could be enjoying a cup of your favourite coffee, or enjoying a long, candlelit bath. It's all about taking time to enjoy more of the things that you love.

4. Bring the outdoors inside

The autumn and winter months are typically cold, so going outside may not be your idea of comfort, but that doesn't mean you can't welcome the great outdoors into your home. From wooden furniture and flooring, to exposed walls and brickwork and neatly packed piles of logs, waiting to be thrown on that roaring fire, it's easier than you might think. Plus, you can easily incorporate nature into your home, with the addition of house plants, which are the perfect finishing touch.

5. Keep it simple

Hygge is never about going overboard. Yes, its focus is on indulging, but not extravagance. Hygge is not about going OTT in a bid to impress guests, but instead creating an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable and at ease. Learn to embrace the imperfections and simplicity and you're halfway there.

6. Take up a hobby at home

You've spent time creating an atmosphere you love, so make some time to enjoy it! Whether it's taking up a new hobby, or picking up an old missed one, turn off technology, and enjoy a simpler way of life. From delving into a good book, to picking up a craft, these activities will help you switch off and relax the mind and body.

If you'd like to introduce a little hygge into your home, why not give us a call and let us help you create your perfect setting? For more information, get in touch here  .

by Aideen McCanny 11 Oct, 2017

At Home and Contract Design , we take great pride in sourcing a stunning array of wallcoverings from all around the world. That's why our selection of wallpaper is loved by our clients. Here, we take a look at just a few of the designers that make up our wallpaper Northern Ireland collection.

by Aideen McCanny 10 Oct, 2017

At Home and Contract Design we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of services. One of which, in particular, that we’d like to highlight is our ability to not only supply one of the best collections of fabrics and wallpapers in Northern Ireland, but also design and create your soft furnishings.

Our extensive showroom in Northern Ireland is home to our stunning collection of design houses, ranging from budget friendly to those with a more bespoke requirement. We pride ourselves in only offering collections from designers with quality we can stand behind, which is why we have travelled the world in search of fabrics and wallpapers of the perfect combination of style and perfection.

by Aideen McCanny 09 Oct, 2017
Whether it’s the shared family bathroom or an ensuite, often the bathroom is the most overlooked room in the house when it comes to interior design. Yet, we use it multiple times a day. With the weather becoming colder, now is the time to turn that bathroom into a little oasis of calm, perfect for enjoying a hot soak on a cold evening.

If you’re looking for a quick fix to make your bathroom more luxurious, here we share 8 simple ideas to turn it into a five-star haven.

by Aideen McCanny 08 Oct, 2017
Purchasing a new home is an exciting time. Whether it's a new build or an older home, no doubt you'll be keen to add your own personal aesthetic to it. So before you get stuck in, check out our top tips for instantly adding your own personality to a new home. 

Assess your style

First things first... start with a plan. It's a good idea to come up with a vision for your entire home, rather than just one room. Create a mood board, or Pinterest account and play around with colours and textures to get a feel for what you like. Add photographs, fabric swatches and paint charts and build up a picture of your view for your home. Although you probably won't complete it all at once, it's a good idea to have an overall vision in your mind.
by Aideen McCanny 08 Oct, 2017
When it comes to designing a bedroom for a male, it can be all too easy to stick to the cliches of dark colour schemes, leather headboards and moody lighting. But, while some men may prefer this, the fact is that it isn't loved by all. Style, functionality and layout definitely need consideration when it comes to a masculine bedroom but this doesn't mean that the old stereotypes should come into play. In fact, today's modern man is very much turning his back on those bachelor cliches in favour of a new, fresh approach.

So here, we share our top design tips for a masculine bedroom.  

Choosing colours

When it comes to choosing colours for a masculine bedroom, darker hues are of course favoured, but that doesn't mean you need to keep going back to black. Dark greys and navys are perfect, and work particularly well when matched with mild-tone colours to keep things lighter. And for the man who isn't afraid of a little colour, brighter hues can be easily combined to prevent things getting too sombre. The key is to choose one lighter colour and use it sparingly to break up darker blocks.
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